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What We Do

CORDEV has successfully performed over $256 million competitively awarded, multi-year, prime contracts providing Information Technology and Telecommunications support services.  During that time we have also successfully completed many unique IT and Telecommunications installations at over 50 military sites. Some of the services we have provided include:


  • Information Infrastructure - Installation, operation and maintenance of enterprise level infrastructure including copper, fiber and coaxial cabling systems both direct buried underground and aerial systems


Man with Keyboard
  • Voice systems - Installation, operation and maintenance of Electronic Switching Systems (ESS), Private Branch Exchanges (PBX's), Voice Mail systems, Toll Billing systems (SMDR), Automatic Call Distribution systems (ACD's)


  • Data Systems - Installation, operation and maintenance of LAN/WAN, switches, routers, PCs, servers, and Voice over IP (VoIP) integration


  • IT - Installation, operation and maintenance of databases, electronic mail, custom programming, Commercial Off-the-shelf Software (COTS)


  • Administration - Operation and maintenance of help desks, operator services, directory and locator services, vendor billing support


  • Wireless - Operation and maintenance of cellular, microwave, wireless telephone and LAN systems, microwave, Land Based Radio systems (LBR), various other radio systems


  • Engineering, furnish and install services (EF&I)


CORDEV employs proven technology combined with an organization structure possessing in-depth technical and managerial skills.  An aggressive employee training program assures that our workforce retains current skills and keeps abreast of technological advancements. 


This training programming, along with a comprehensive employee benefits program, competitive salaries, and full Headquarters support combines to keep our employee turnover rate very low.  Our clients enjoy the benefits of a stable, well-trained, motivated workforce.


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