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Solutions and Services

System Design and Planning

Man sitting at computer

CORDEV provides a full compliment of services for systems design and planning for:


  • Complete Enterprise Telecommunications Architecture

  • Voice, Data and Video Systems

  • Converged Applications

  • Wireless Communications Systems

  • Visual Information Systems

  • Network and Systems Management

  • Building and Campus Networks (All Topologies/Types)

  • Structured Building Cable Systems

  • Outside Plant

Design and planning services include:


  • Strategic Planning

  • Project Planning and Management

  • Systems Engineering and Design

  • Legacy System Integration

  • Disaster Recover/Continuity of Operations Plans

  • Network and Service Audits

  • Technology Evaluations

  • Configuration Management

  • Accreditation/DITSCAP Implementations

  • Test, Acceptance Independent Validation and Verification Systems Engineering and technical Assistance (SETA)

  • Quality Assurance Planning/Plans

  • Vendor Selection Criteria


CORDEV’s highly experienced staff will define requirements; design appropriate architecture, infrastructure and systems; and help plan for their integration and implementation.

Operation and Maintenance
Man and Woman collaborating in front of a patch panel

CORDEV can provide complete operations and maintenance of your building, campus or multi-site enterprise.  We have garnered extensive experience and expertise in the day-to-day operation, maintenance and management of a number of various sized military installations.  By the application of ISO Quality Management principles we help our clients with the continual improvement of their operations. 

We can provide a wide range of operational and maintenance functions for the following services:


  • Voice/Data Networks including SIPRNET/NIPRNET (LAN and WAN)

  • Technical Control Facility Operation

  • Defense and Commercial Messaging Systems

  • Cabling Infrastructure

  • Voice Switching Systems

  • IT Systems (Hardware and Software)

  • Wireless Systems


Based on the particular needs of our clients we can provide a number of services, some of which are:


  • Complete site operation and maintenance

  • Inside and outside plant maintenance

  • Customer premise equipment (CPE) moves, adds and changes

  • Help Desk operations

  • Tier I and II IT technical support

  • Switchboard console operation

  • LAN administration and system maintenance

  • Software installation and maintenance

  • Video Teleconferencing (VTC) support and scheduling

  • Computer Aided Drawing (CAD)

  • Configuration Management

  • Program and Project Management

  • Material procurement and Asset Management

  • Subcontractor selection and management


CORDEV has the flexibility and experience to create a custom set of services for commercial and government clients.

Technical Support and Services
Operator smiling at you

CORDEV provides a comprehensive set of technical support and services including:


  • System Documentation and As-built Drawings

  • Trouble Reporting and Management

  • Circuit Provisioning

  • Vendor Interfacing

  • Product and Service Evaluations

  • Customer Billing Services

  • Call Accounting Support

  • Call Center/CTI Support

  • Converged Applications (i.e. VoIP)

  • Engineer, Furnish & Install (EF&I)

  • Training


Our in-house competencies as well as our continual resource mining results in a partner that can support your applications now and as new technologies evolve.

Cable Installation Services
Telephone Lineman

CORDEV can provision and install an entire cabling infrastructure from buried to aerial, from copper to fiber:


  • Campus-wide information infrastructure

  • Structured Building Cable Systems

  • Fiber installation and testing

  • Splicing and Termination (copper and fiber)

  • Copper cabling - all categories and sizes up to 3600 pair

  • Telephone pole installation, repair and removal

  • All types of patch panels

  • All types of cross connect fields

  • Aerial and underground cable pulls (all types)

  • Custom equipment racks for terminating equipment

  • Complete labeling, testing and documentation

  • Tower installation and maintenance

  • Bonding and grounding


We have the experience and certification to fill your information infrastructure needs.

Systems Installation
Network Engineer at Server Rack

CORDEV has a team experienced in the installation of:


  • Voice/Data switching systems

  • Voice key and hybrid telephone systems

  • Local Area Network equipment

  • PC hardware & software

  • Voice Messaging systems

  • Video Teleconferencing Equipment

  • Secure telephone systems and terminals

  • Data/Voice systems retrofits, upgrades and integration


We have the tools, technology and experience to complete any Telecommunications installation.

Wireless Communications
Lineman on Cell Tower

CORDEV can provide a variety of wireless support including:


  • Enterprise-wide planning and integration

  • Administration of wireless systems including turn-in, reporting, vendor/manufacturer interfacing, reporting, billing, etc.  Systems include cellular, Blackberry, wireless air card, etc.

  • Installation, operation and maintenance of:

    • Wireless LAN equipment/access points

    • Wireless PC interface equipment

    • Wireless on-site telephone systems

    • Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

    • Broadband Radio Service (BRS)

    • Basic Exchange Telephone Radio Service (BETRS)

  • Annual maintenance schedules of all wireless equipment including database verification, billing adjustments, cleaning and inventory

  • Site surveys


We have the experience and expertise to deliver quality wireless support.


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